Online | Presentation Skills

Course Code: ONBS20 | Duration: 55 minutes | Price Grade: Standard

Presentation Skills are vital in today’s business world; poor presentations not only obscure the message and lose arguments, but also can affect sales. No matter what the case may be if it’s not presented professionally it will undoubtedly lose its impact.

    Who Should Attend Presentation Skills Training?

  • Giving a successful presentation can be one of the hardest parts of many people's jobs. This course covers the common mistakes people make when preparing for and giving a presentation so you can avoid these, as well as going over good practice and providing some practical advice that you can put to good use the next time you have a big presentation to make.

  • Course Content

  • Presentation and its Structure
  • Content
  • Visual Aids
  • The Presentation
  • Listening
  • Learning Names
  • Problem Solving Workshops
  • Question and Answers

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Online | Leadership Skills

Course Code: ONBS21 | Duration: 90 minutes | Price Grade: Standard

A leader doesn’t necessarily have to be a ‘manager’, but it’s difficult to see how a manager could be truly effective without having at least some leadership skills. This course will introduce you to some of the import techniques and theories that can help you to improve your leadership skills and be more effective in your role.

    Who Should Attend Leadership Skills Training?

  • The Leadership programme aims to give practising and potential first line managers the foundation for their formal management development.

  • Course Content

  • Leadership and Management
  • Leadership Theories
  • Team Development and Leadership
  • Individuals Within teams
  • Communicating One-to-One with Individuals
  • Moving Forward Together
  • Problem Solving Workshops
  • Question and Answers

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Online | Stress Management

Course Code: ONBS22 | Duration: 30 minutes | Price Grade: Standard

Stress is a real problem for both organisations and their employees. It accounts for a significant proportion of work related illness each year. Being aware of the signs of stress, some of the triggers and how to manage them can make a real difference to your well-being and that of people around you.

    Who Should Attend Stress Management Training?

  • This course is ideal for anyone who feels they need to take greater control over their situation, and or influence that of colleagues, in managing the workplace stresses.

  • Course Content

  • What Is Stress and Why Is It a Problem?
  • The Causes and Symptoms of Stress
  • The Law on Stress and Its Contravention
  • Minimising the Risk of Stress
  • Problem Solving Workshops
  • Question and Answers

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Online | Time Management

Course Code: ONBS23 | Duration: 105 minutes | Price Grade: Standard

More often than not, the people who excel in their job, or are high achievers manage their time effectively, in a way that makes them work in a more efficient manner. This course has been designed to ensure you have the techniques to improve your efficiency, output and ability to function more effectively - whether in your ordinary day or when deadlines loom and the pressure is building.

    Who Should Attend Time Management Training?

  • If you are a team leader, supervisor or manager this one day event is designed to help you appreciate the importance of managing time: not only for your own personal effectiveness, but also for managing tasks and teams.

  • Course Content

  • Key Terms and the Benefits of Time Management
  • The 6 Laws of Time Management
  • Time Stealers and Interruptions
  • Time Saving Methods
  • Monkey Management
  • Meetings and Summing Up
  • Problem Solving Workshops
  • Question and Answers

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Online | Project Management

Course Code: ONBS24 | Duration: 90 minutes | Price Grade: Standard

This course covers the basic principles of project management and covers some of the tools and techniques you can employ to improve your project management skills.

    Who Should Attend Project Management?

  • Project managers, team leaders and team members who need to know more about how to go about managing a project; specifically the planning, resources and delivering on time and on budget.

  • Course Content

  • Introducing Project Management
  • Terminology and Project Lifestyle
  • Identifying Needs, Aims and Objectives
  • Project Aims, Objectives and Initiation
  • GANTT Charts, Budgets, Risks and Issues
  • Monitoring Change, Stakeholders & Termination
  • Problem Solving Workshops
  • Question and Answers

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Online | Customer Service

Course Code: ONBS25 | Duration: 75 minutes | Price Grade: Standard

This course will start by making it very clear exactly what we mean by customer service, and why it’s so vital and then go into detail about some of the ways you can improve the customer service provided by your organisation.

    Who Should Attend Customer Service?

  • This course would be ideal for people who want to learn about the goals of great customer service, communication skills, understanding customer needs and much more.

  • Course Content

  • About the Course
  • What is Customer Service
  • The Goals of Great Customer Service
  • Discovering and Understanding Customer Needs
  • Delivering Maximum Levels of Customer Service
  • Communication Skills
  • Non-Verbal Communication and Body Language
  • Dealing with Customer Complaints
  • Problem Solving Workshops
  • Question and Answers

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