IT | Business Skills | Health & Safety

The business world is continually evolving. Skills and experience must be constantly developed and updated if our staff and organisations are to stay ahead of the competition. All Pringle PCS development training services are offered across the entire United Kingdom to provide any company, in any industry the full solution.

Pringle PCS specialise in the development and training of people from many industrial backgrounds and many roles within an organisation. We help any organisation identify and strengthen their skills and knowledge base.

We have an extensive IT, Business Skills and Health & Safety training course schedule with flexible alternatives such as one-to-one training, classroom bookings and on-site training throughout the UK.

UK Training

PCS train throughout the UK at customer premises or assigned conference facilities. PCS can even bring full IT equipment that makes a standard office into a fully functional training room. PCS can also train in-house designed company programs or company procedures that would need rolling out throughout the organisation.

Scheduled Courses

PCS run scheduled courses at Sheffield PCS Training & Conference Centre, which are open to any learners from any organisation or company. This can make an enjoyable training day a network opportunity at the same time as gaining and improving required skills.

Bespoke Training

PCS offer a tailor made service whereby your employees can receive specific, individual training without the loss of a full working day. A PCS IT Master can go and wait in a designated room at the company premises so employees can turn up for appointments and then be shown and helped with their task/s at hand.

IT Training

Microsoft Office

Any successful office needs certain IT applications to help it run smoothly. PCS offer all these standard applications for Microsoft Windows up to and including Microsoft Office 2019.

Database & Programming

One of our primary function is systems development and our knowledge for training in the area of database and programming sets us ahead of the rest. We use our practical knowledge and skills to provide top class training and after course support.

PCS are recognised for our exceptional service in this area by blue chip companies such as Nissan, Renault and Genie. This level of service comes from over a decade of hands on experience rather than simply reading IT manuals. We pass this practical experience on to you during our training sessions.

Graphic & Web Design

PCS offer expert training in the industry-standard graphic design packages. We also deliver training on designing high-quality web sites. Our courses are aimed at anyone from the occasional user to professional designers. No matter what your current skill level our training will enable you to produce professional publications.

Project Management

PCS provide a complete project management service; we deliver training on project management principles and best practice in our business skills training. Our IT project courses give you a platform to assist you with these skills. We transfer this knowledge into the systems that support you when managing your projects. We deliver training on the industry standard project management applications.

Business Skills Training

General Seminars

Our Business Skills training courses are aimed at those with the responsibility of identifying development needs, planning, design and delivering training as well as the assessment and evaluation of training. Skills covered include appraisals, coaching instruction, group dynamics and student-centred learning.

Sales & Marketing

Getting ahead in business can be difficult, especially if your staff have not received adequate training. PCS offers development programs to aid sales staff to become more confident, organised and professional in their sales role. Our aim is to help sales staff and sales managers reach their full potential. We do this through training and development seminars, aimed at developing telephone sales, face to face techniques and customer relationship management for a complete sales service.

Management & Supervision

PCS’s leadership training programs are aimed at people who have, or aspire to have responsibility for the management and supervision of others. Our training courses start with a one-day development training program aimed at helping individuals gain basic knowledge required by team leaders/first-line managers. For advanced training we have more extensive programs that are delivered over greater time scales.

ILM Development Awards

The Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) is a professional body dedicated to raising leadership and management capability. PCS offer Endorsed and Development Awards allowing you, the opportunity to access quality assured training designed to build management and leadership capability in the most flexible way.

Health & Safety Training

First Aid

First Aid provision in the workplace saves lives. It can prevent minor problems or injuries from becoming major ones. It can help employers reduce costs from injury. As an employer, you are legally required under health and safety regulations to provide appropriate first aid equipment, facilities and trained personnel in your workplace.