100% Free Re-sit Available On All Scheduled IT Courses

  • Training Courses Free Re-sit
    At PCS, we offer a unique service. Part of this service is free re-sits. 100% FREE re-sits! There are no hidden costs!
    When you attend ANY IT standard or premium training course at PCS you can attend the same course again within a twelve month period. If you attend a classroom booking (if class less than 6 people) or a one-to-one course, you can attend that subject again. The only thing we ask is that you come on a scheduled course that is the same level as the course you originally attended.
  • Why Come on a Free Re-sit?
    It is important that you utilise your new knowledge and skills as soon as possible back in the workplace in order for the training to be most effective. We recognise that this is not always possible. Therefore, if you haven’t had the chance to put your new knowledge and skills into practice, or feel that you need to refresh the learning, just contact us to book on a scheduled course.
  • Cancelling Courses
    All cancellations to be made in writing. Please email training@pcs-limited.com If you provide more than 1 month’s notice - there will be no charge. Less than two week’s notice – 50% course charge Less than one week’s notice – 75% course charge Less than 48 hours notice or if no notice is given and the delegate fails to attend the course – 100% course charge.
  • Why are PCS offering Free Re-sits?
    WPCS are recognised throughout the UK for offering the right training at the right level. Attending an intermediate stage for example, guarantees that you can perform at an intermediate level at the end of the training day. We want to ensure that this standard continues into the workplace.
    We also recognise that people learn at a different pace, especially when dealing with the more unusual courses such as Access, Crystal Reports, and Microsoft Project. Too often, people are not given the chance to put their learning into practice. PCS offer the perfect solution to the pressures of your working environment; attend the same course again and you can master any program

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