Training Prices

IT & Business Skills Scheduled Courses

All Scheduled courses are held at Pringle PCS Training & Conference Centre.

IT & Business Skills Scheduled Courses
Online Single Booking
Per Person
Online Additional / Subsequent Delegate Booking On The Same Day Scheduled Online Course
Per Person
Single Booking Scheduled Course at Skywalker House
Per Person
At Skywalker House Additional / Subsequent Delegate Booking On The Same Day Scheduled at Skywalker House
Online One To One
One To One: Clinet Site or Skywalker House

IT & Business Skills Company Classroom

This training is given exclusively for your company only, either here at PCS or at your own premises. (Evening and weekend dates are also available on request).

Company Classroom Standard & Premium
Individual Days: Online (Max 8 Delegates:)
Individual Days: PCS Or Client Site (Max 8 Delegates)
Individual Days: PCS Or Client Site (Max 12 Delegates)
Bespoke IT & Business Skills Course |Team Building | Surgery On-site at Client’s Premises
Computer Hire and Setup
Per PC
Bespoke Database Development On-site at Client’s Premises

Health & Safety Scheduled Courses

Scheduled courses are held at PCS Training & Conference Centre and open to learners from any organisation or company.

Nuco Accreditation Available: Additional £ 10 Per Person

Health & Safety: MAX 12 Delegates Delegate Company Classroom
First Aid Emergency | 1 Day £95
Per Person
First Aid At Work Refresher | 2 Days £120
Per Person
First Aid At Work Certificate | 3 Days £190
Per Person
First Aid Refresher | Half Day £35
Per Person
Emergency Paediatric First Aid | 1 Day £50
Per Person
Paediatric First Aid | 2 Days £90
Per Person
Manual Handling | Half Day £65
Per Person
Fire Safety and Fire Marshal | Half Day £65
Per Person
Emergency Paediatric First Aid | 2 Sessions £50
Per Person
Paediatric First Aid | 4 Sessions £90
Per Person
One Day Mental Health Awareness £150
Per Person
Two Day Mental Health First Aider £200
Per Person

% Discounts Available Related To Contract Size
Prices Ex VAT

Team Building Prices

Team Building Price Grade Cost
Team Building - Up To 10 Delegates £745
Team Building - Up To 20 Delegates £995
Team Building - Up To 35 Delegates £1495
Half Day / Evening - Up To 10 Delegates £395

Online Live Training

All courses can be taught remotely live online from your own location and linked into our internal classrooms. We recomend having two screens and can be connected via Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Prices for live Online Training cost the same as the listed prices below.

    Course Requirements

    All of PCS Training Course can now be taught remotely from your office or even from home. Pringle PCS will give you Log in details which will allow you or your team to join the Live Training Session.

    Training Requirments

    With all live online training PCS will give a free 30 minutes setup and test to show how the remote learning will work. We test Internet speed, connection and show how easliy it is to join the live trainig.
    Every delegate would need to have a working Camera and Micpohone to be able to interacte with the class. With Live Online Training Pringle PCS stronlgy recommed having Duel Screens or access to Tablet.

    Company Classroom and 1-1

    Live Online Training can be taught 1-1 or upto a classroom of 8 and all courses can be tailored to own company requirments


    A Live Online Training schedule session is in total upto 6 hours of Training with added Breaks.


Course Code: ITS13 | Duration: 1 Day | Level: Intermediate

This course introduces more complex features. By the end of this course delegates will be in a position to use some of Excel’s most beneficial functions such as If, Sumif, Countif, And, Or, Vlookup, and Hlookup and is an introduction to using combined formulas. In addition, PCS will also look at more advanced data analysis techniques with combined formulas such as Pivot tables.

    Course Requirements

  • The delegate needs to have attended the previous level of the Excel course at Pringle PCS or at least, have the equivalent working knowledge.

  • Course Content

  • Refresher Workshop
  • Editing (Custom Fills / Conditional Formatting)
  • Advanced Linking Spreadsheets (Formula Linking)
  • Data (Pivot Tables / Custom Filtering / Subtotals / Validation / Lists / Protection)
  • Formulas (IF Statements / CountIF & SumIF / Vlookup / Hlookup)
  • Nested IFs: =IF(A1=1,"Yes",IF(A1=2,"No",IF(A1=3,"Good",IF(A1=4,"Bad","Naughty"))))
  • AND / OR Formulas
  • What IF Analysis (Goal Seek / Scenario Manager)
  • PMT (Repayment of a Loan)
  • Introduction to Combined Formulas
  • Text Formulas (Len / Left / Right / Mid / Find / Proper / Upper / Lower)
  • Introduction to Combined Text Formulas: =Proper(Left(D1,1)&" "&Right(D1,Len(D1)-Find(" ",D1,1)))
  • Problem Solving Workshops
  • Question and Answers

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