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    September arrives and things are slowly returning back to normal. During August we faced many challenges such as hosting our first training courses on site since lockdown and launching our learning hub.

    Since our websites launch we have been updating our newsfeed regularly, adding pages with information on what we're working on and uploading current photos of our offices to our gallery so that it is up to date. We have been posting regularly on all of our social media platforms too, here are the relevant links for you to look at: Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram

    Our top priority remains the safety of you and our team. We have allowed our team to start working from our offices, however we are still using Microsoft Teams for conference meetings at our desks to ensure that we are all keeping a safe 2 metre distance. Upon entry onto our premises free mask & gloves are provided, along with hand sanitizing stations placed around our training facilities, all of which will be pointed out to you.

    This month we have successfully continued to hold First Aid training courses in our training facilities and off-site, all whilst sticking to the strict guidelines given to us by the government to ensure your and our safety. On the 15th we delivered our first Mental Health Awareness course since lockdown, we are proud to say that it could not have gone better, all delegates who attended reported to us that they were impressed not only with the training and information that was delivered, but also with the high level of professionalism and care that was taken to impliment the aniti COVID-19 measures that we have in place.

  • IT & Business Skills
    All onsite & scheduled IT and Business Skills training courses are up and running again, with our courses being taught both at our training facilities and Live Online via Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Our Live Online Training has been an enormous help for delegates who are at risk to COVID-19 and those who simply cannot attend the courses in person. Live Online Learning is a necessary adaptation in this changed world, and even when things begin to return to how they once were PCS believe that Live Online Training will still be preferred by some learners; this is why we have decided to maintain the option for all delegates to choose if they would like the course to be delivered Online or In person. From the large majority of feedback which we have received we can see that attendees have preferred the new training style. We recommend each attendee have dual screens, a web camera and a microphone available so that the online conference call works best for everybody.

    Currently our Live Online coures are running on the same dates as our scheduled courses, these dates can be found on our Training Schedule.

    Any Company Classroom or One - One bookings can be scheduled at the best times for you.

    A FREE TRIAL is available for any company that would like to experience our new Live Online Training style.

    Please contact us at:
    - Phone = 01124813350 - Email =

    We are also excited to announce that for returning Pringle PCS clients exclusive offers and discounts on training are available! All on-site scheduled courses are be running as before, however with the necessary COVID-19 precautions in place. Our main training room has been set up with new equipment that is sterilized and wiped before & after every use with desks that are the required distance appart with protective plastic shielding in between them.

    PCS have decided to keep the maximum amount of attendees for our on-site courses to 6 courses. If further government guidelines are issued, PCS will continue to adhere to any & all further rules & regulations set in place in the interest of your health.

    Upon entry of our premises PPE is provided completely free of charge. To see the new office layout please click: here.
  • Upcoming Excel Schedule Days
  • Health & Safety
    Our First Aid & Paediatric First Aid training room has also been improved, every attendee can be assigned their own desk with their own dummy (First exercise will be naming your own dummy). PPE is also provided completely free of charge and we have decided to cap the maxuim number of attendees that can be placed on 1 course. Also, First Aid training can now take place on evenings & weekends either at your own company site or at our premises.

    Click: here to see more details.
  • Mental Health
    Every year there is a significant rise in young adults & adults who are suffering from issues with mental health. Whether you yourself battle with mental health issues, or you manage a team of individuals, some of which deal with problems of mental health, we are offering two training courses aimed at helping better understand & deal with problems regarding mental health and raising awareness for the issues surrounding dealing with complications with mental health in every day life and in the workplace.

    You will learn how to give First Aid with support to any employee that may suffer from mental health or mental illness. Our Mental health course has been developed and taught by Corrine Marklew who is a qualified PMV&A (Prevention Management of Violence and Aggression) Instructor that works in a Specialist Learning Disability Assessment and Treatment Unit for mental health. She is also a Mental Health staff nurse with 22 years of experience who specialises in Dual Diagnosis of mental health and Individuals with learning Disabilities Scheduled and Bespoke Company Classroom are available.

    Click: here to see more details

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