2020 | August Newsletter

    We hope you are keeping safe in these strange and uncertain times. Pringle PCS have been very busy during the lock down period improving our training rooms, staff offices and launching our new website www.pringlepcs.co.uk. Within lock down our offices have remained open, however only Jamie and Jocie have been on our premises, the rest of the team are doing the same as the large majority of companies and have all been working from home. Working from home involves acclimatising to new dynamics that an office generically wouldn't present. Microsoft Teams, Zoom and VPN access to the office has been vital for our team to hold meetings and complete work together; online meetings changed many companies the way they work. Pringle PCS have been supporting companies very successfully with this.

  • IT & Business Skills
    All onsite & scheduled IT and business skills training courses were all put on hold and have only been taught via Microsoft Teams and Zoom. From customer feedback we have found that the majority of attendees have preferred the new training style. We recommend each attendee have dual screens, a web camera and a microphone so that the online conference call works as best as possible.

    As the Live Online Training courses have been so successful, we have decided to maintain the option for our courses to be taught via a video conferencing software.
    Currently our Live Online coures are running on the same dates as the ones scheduled to take place in the Training Schedule on our website, but any Company Classroom or One - One bookings can be scheduled at the best times to fit you.

    A free trail for any company that would like to experience the new Live Online Training format is available.

    Contact us at:
    - Phone = 01124813350 - Email = training@pringlepcs.co.uk

    We are also excited to announce that beginning September our training room doors will be back open! Scheduled courses will be running as before, however with the necessary COVID-19 precautions in place. Our main training room has been set up with new equipment with desks which are the required distance appart. We are now keeping the maximum size of all courses delivered on our premises at 6 attendees. Pringle PCS are following the very strict government guidelines that have been put in place, and we will continue to adhere to any further rules & regulations set in place in the interest of your health.

    Upon entry of our premises PPE is provided completely free of charge. To see the new office layout please click: here.

  • Upcoming Excel Schedule Days
  • Health & Safety
    Our First Aid & Paediatric First Aid training room has also been improved, every attendee can be assigned their own desk with their own dummy (First exercise will be naming your own dummy). PPE is also provided completely free of charge and we have decided to cap the maxuim number of attendees that can be placed on 1 course. Also, First Aid training can now take place on evenings & weekends either at your own company site or at our premises.

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  • Mental Health
    The current corona virus (COVID-19) outbreak, has been a scary and emotional time for everyone and understandably can affect our mental health. Mental health problems affect around one in four people in any given year; since the COVID-19 outbreak there has been a significant rise in young adults & adults suffering from mental health. We offer two training courses for mental health in which the aims and objectives are to raise awareness and how to give First Aid with support to any employee that may suffer from mental health or mental illness. Our Mental health course has been developed and taught by Corrine Marklew who is a qualified PMV&A (Prevention Management of Violence and Aggression) Instructor that works in a Specialist Learning Disability Assessment and Treatment Unit for mental health. She is also a Mental Health staff nurse with 22 years of experience who specialises in Dual Diagnosis of mental health and Individuals with learning Disabilities Scheduled and Bespoke Company Classroom are available.

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