News Feed: Defribillators

Pringle PCS are now providing IPAD NF1200 semi automatic defibrillator units to Boxing clubs. Each defibrillator is £695 + VAT. This offer also includes 2-3 hours FREE defibrillator training using a replica training defibrillator

Reason why you all need to have a defibrillator? 1. Sudden cardiac arrest does not discriminate on factors such as age, gender, current health condition or ethnicity. 2. Don’t forget any strenuous activity or blow to the chest can trigger an SCA, which is why quick access to an AED is imperative for survival. 3. If effective CPR and defibrillation of the heart takes place within 3-5 minutes of the person collapsing, their survival chance increases from 6%-74%! 4. For every minute that person is without the required life-saving treatment, their survival chance drops 10% per minute.

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