Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is a browser-based enterprise and document management platform from Microsoft. Whether you're working as a team or an individual, SharePoint helps you organise information, people, and projects.

With SharePoint, you can tie together divided sections of data and incorporate technology with business procedures.

SharePoint Introduction:

Course Code: ITD17 | Duration: 1 Day | Level: Introduction

This course shows you some features in SharePoint that will make it easy to share information. Learn how to find your way around SharePoint sites. The course also shows how to create and edit pages, and how to use blogs to share knowledge with team members

    Course Requirements

  • No previous experience of Microsoft SharePoint is required however the delegate should have knowledge in basic computer skills.

  • Course Content

    SharePoint The Basics
  • Login to SharePoint
  • 365 Linked Programs
  • Navigation Site Content
  • Using Teams
  • Find & Follow a Site
  • Post News
  • Use SharePoint Mobile
  • What is Communication Site

  • Edit Save Share
  • Document Library
  • Open and Edit Office
  • Using OneDrive with SharePoint

  • Working with Lists
  • SharePoint List
  • Tools for Lists
  • Using the Recycle Bin

  • SharePoint & Office
  • Outlook
  • Teams

  • Create a SharePoint Site
  • Create a Quiz
  • Create A Survey
  • Create a Gallery
  • Create Pages Linked to YouTube

  • Problem Solving Workshops
  • Question and Answers

SharePoint Advanced:

Course Code: ITD17B | Duration: 1 Day | Level: Advanced

This course is guided by Instructor / Trainer of how to create a live SharePoint Site using own content and material for own Company Site.

    Course Requirements

  • Recommend that all delegates have attended the Introduction to Microsoft SharePoint Training Course or have been using or creating own Company SharePoint Sites

  • Course Content

    A Company Hand Book Site showing company Polices & procedures
  • Disciplinary & Dismissal Procedure
  • Equal Opportunities
  • Health And Safety Policy
  • Staff Drug And Alcohol Policy
  • Staff Email And Internet Policy
  • Data Protection Policy
  • Maternity / Paternity / Adoption / Parental Leave
  • Flexible Working
  • Sickness Policy
  • Covid Policies

  • Project Management Site
  • Tasks
  • Calendars
  • Libraries
  • Actions

  • Social And Team Building Site
  • Diary
  • Events
  • Leader board
  • Gallery
  • Quizzes

  • eLearning Site
  • Linked to YouTube Site
  • Diary
  • Downloadable Content
  • Using Flow

  • Problem Solving Workshops
  • Question and Answers


This training is given exclusively for your company only either here at PCS or at your own premises. (Evening and weekend dates are also available on request)

All training courses can be tailored using own company data or reslove specific probelms which staff may have to face. With all besopke training topics can be taken and combined from differnt stages or combine more than one course together


As you know, losing a whole day to training can prove to be an expensive investment. An individual may not need a full day's training if there are only a few elements of a program they really need to know or simply that they need refreshing on basic skills and are too embarrassed to say - we have a solution to the problem – Our IT Surgery!

We have IT Masters who can teach and consult to the highest level and provide solutions for any IT working problem. With these skills and experience to draw on, we have created a unique service whereby your employees can receive specific, individual training without the loss of a full working day.

We can turn one of your rooms into an ‘IT surgery' where employees can turn-up for scheduled appointments or we can move round Desk to Desk to help teach and solve problems with in your organisation


Our experienced IT Training team will circulate amongst your employees and identify from each member of staff what their particular IT problems and needs are. Our team will quickly evaluate the time needed for the IT Master to show and teach the appropriate tasks on the surgery day


Our IT Master will be based on-site in any available room awaiting IT problems or training requirements. On-site Training hours can be structured to fit your business operation, Our training surgery day is a 6 hour day but the start time can be flexible to suite your company working hours i.e. Surgery Day can start at 7.30am or stay open to 7.30pm if required. This unique service is the most efficient way for your company to train and increase productivity whilst keeping your training costs and lost time to an absolute minimum.

Online Live Training

All Of PCS Training Course can now be taught remotely from your office or even from home. Pringle PCS will give you Log in details which will allow you or your team to join the Live Training Session.

Training Requirments

With all live online training PCS will give a free 30 minutes setup and test to show how the remote learning will work. We test Internet speed, connection and show how easliy it is to join the live trainig.
Every delegate would need to have a working Camera and Micpohone to be able to interacte with the class. With Live Online Training Pringle PCS stronlgy recommed having Duel Screens or access to Tablet.

Company Classroom and 1-1

Live Online Training can be taught 1-1 or upto a classroom of 8 and all courses can be tailored to own company requirments


A Live Online Training schedule session is in total upto 6 hours of Training with added Breaks.


IT Scheduled Courses

Scheduled courses are held at PCS Training & Conference Centre and open to any learners from any organisation or company. Scheduled courses are placed into 2 price grades:
(S) Standard, (P) Premium.

IT Course Price Grade
Standard & Premium
Single Booking
Per Person
Multiple Booking | Online On The Same Day Scheduled Course
Per Person
One To One

IT Company Classroom

This training is given exclusively for your company only, either here at PCS or at your own premises. (Evening and weekend dates are also available on request).

Company Classroom Standard & Premium
Individual Days: Online (Max 8 Delegates: Additional £50 Per Person)
Individual Days: PCS Or Client Site (Max 8 Delegates: Additional £50 Per Person)
IT Client Site Contracted Rates
Standard & Premium
Bespoke IT Surgery Day On-site at Client’s Premises
Computer Hire and Setup
Per PC
Database Development
Standard & Premium
Bespoke Development Day On-site at Client’s Premises

SharePoint Online Quizzes


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