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Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation program. Most Presentations are now delivered by a presenter using a PC or laptop connected to a data projector and people are using PowerPoint to help deliver a simple, complicated or memorable message. PowerPoint uses slides as pages for any presentation, where each slide can have animated text, tables, graphs, images and movies. Delivering a presentation can be a nerve-racking experience but creating a presentation for someone else can also be a harder task, unless the users know the tools available to use.

PowerPoint does not just have to be used for presentations, it can also be used for slideshows at trade fairs or even marketing emails. This program can definitely be one of the most enjoyable programs of Microsoft Office Suite to use. PCS’ PowerPoint courses will allow the user to gain confidence and the knowledge to create vibrant presentations for themselves or their teams to present.

PowerPoint Introduction: Showtime

Course Code: ITS09 | Duration: 1 Day | Level: Introduction

This stage assumes no prior knowledge of PowerPoint. The course would be ideal for beginners or for people who are self-taught and just wish to brush up on their existing PowerPoint skills. The course begins with an overview of the program and navigation of the screen, then quickly progresses to creating a simple presentation with each slide using a different layout. Once the user has created the Presentation they will then be taught how to add the different types of Animation effects to their text, images and even graphs, and how each slide can blend into one another by using Slide Transitions. One of the best and useful parts of the course would be using Master Slides which allows the one slide image or text layout to be used throughout all slides; this can speed up the time spent on the creation and formatting of a detailed presentation. By the end of the course students will have the confidence to create professional looking slides to be used for their own or some else’s presentations.

    Course Requirements

  • No previous experience of Microsoft PowerPoint is required however the delegate should have knowledge in basic computer skills i.e. how to use a mouse and keyboard.

  • Course Content

  • Views (Screen Layout / Menus / Buttons / Toolbars)
  • File Management (Creating / Saving / Opening / Closing)
  • Slide Layout (Choosing / Changing / Customising / Background Choice)
  • Working Text Boxes (Creating / Positioning / Size / Borders / Shadows / 3D)
  • Text Formatting (Font / Colour / Size / Effects)
  • Images & Clipart (Inserting / Removing / Searching / Inserting / Removing)
  • Organisation Charts & Graphs (Creating / Amending)
  • Drawing (Basic Tools / Principles)
  • Slide Sorter (Re-ordering / Duplication / Removing / Hiding)
  • Simple Transitions (Applying / Removing)
  • Simple Custom Animations (Applying / Removing)
  • Printing (Slides / Handouts / Notes Pages)
  • Problem Solving Workshops
  • Question and Answers

Microsoft Word Intermediate: Professional Documents

Course Code: ITS07 | Duration: 1 Day | Level: Intermediate

This course is aimed at users that have been on the previous stage or for the more experienced user who wishes to further their knowledge of this program. On completion of this course, delegates will be able to make use of more advanced formatting techniques, for example, being able to work with tables and using bulleted and numbered lists. The course also introduces the idea of mail merge, with a view to delegates producing letters, emails or address labels.

    Course Requirements

  • The delegate needs to have attended the previous stage of the Word course at Pringle PCS or at least, have the equivalent working knowledge.

  • Course Content

  • Formatting (Borders / Shading / Line Spacing / Columns / Tabs)
  • Bulleted Lists (Creating / Updating / Customising)
  • Numbered Lists (Creating / Updating / Customising / Outlining)
  • Find & Replace (Advanced Options)
  • AutoCorrect & AutoText
  • Headers & Footers (Page Setup)
  • Mail Merge (Letters / Labels)
  • Styles & Formatting
  • Text & Images (Text Boxes / Clip Art / Images / Word Art)
  • Object Linking (Other Office Applications)
  • Advanced Tables (Tabs To Tables / Properties / Auto Format / Sort)
  • Problem Solving Workshops
  • Question and Answers

Microsoft PowerPoint Advanced: MASTERCLASS

Course Code: ITS10 | Duration: 1 Day | Level: Advanced

The advanced PowerPoint course is a very important course for anyone needing to take their presentations to the next level. Adding Animation to incoming text is the most common effect to add, however text and shapes or images can appear or disappear or move direction as well. Sometimes the easiest way to emphasise a topic or message is sometimes by showing less. With this course PCS will show all the effects of how they can be used effectively starting with animated organisational charts to custom animated graphs with pictures. The Question and Answer section of a presentation can sometimes be one of the hardest problems for anyone; with this course we will show how a simple slide “Any Questions” can have the capabilities of jumping to any slide in any direction which will make the presenter look prepared for any question and create an overall more professional impression. After attending this course the student will feel very capable of mastering PowerPoint enabling them to create more advanced slideshows with advanced content, using links into slides or applications as well as sound and video.

    Course Requirements

  • The delegate needs to have attended the previous stage of the PowerPoint course at Pringle PCS or at least, have the equivalent working knowledge.

  • Course Content

  • Slide Layout (Choosing / Changing / Customising / Background Choice / Text Effects)
  • Working Text Boxes (Creating / Positioning / Size / Borders / Shadows / 3D)
  • Masters & Templates (Background / Text / Images / Logos / Creating /Changing)
  • Advanced Organisational Charts & Graphs (Creating / Animating / Linking Excel)
  • Images (Searching / Utilising / Static / Animated)
  • Movie Clips & Sound Clips (Inserting / Playback Timing / Soundtracks)
  • Linking (Web Pages / Office Files / Email)
  • Action Buttons (Creating / Editing / Removing)
  • Advanced Transitions & Animation (Applying / Controlling /Emphasis / Exit / Motion Paths)
  • Custom Shows & Workshop (Creating / Bending the rules / Buttons)
  • Problem Solving Workshops
  • Question and Answers


This training is given exclusively for your company only either here at PCS or at your own premises. (Evening and weekend dates are also available on request)

All training courses can be tailored using own company data or reslove specific probelms which staff may have to face. With all besopke training topics can be taken and combined from differnt stages or combine more than one course together


As you know, losing a whole day to training can prove to be an expensive investment. An individual may not need a full day's training if there are only a few elements of a program they really need to know or simply that they need refreshing on basic skills and are too embarrassed to say - we have a solution to the problem – Our IT Surgery!

We have IT Masters who can teach and consult to the highest level and provide solutions for any IT working problem. With these skills and experience to draw on, we have created a unique service whereby your employees can receive specific, individual training without the loss of a full working day.

We can turn one of your rooms into an ‘IT surgery' where employees can turn-up for scheduled appointments or we can move round Desk to Desk to help teach and solve problems with in your organisation


Our experienced IT Training team will circulate amongst your employees and identify from each member of staff what their particular IT problems and needs are. Our team will quickly evaluate the time needed for the IT Master to show and teach the appropriate tasks on the surgery day


Our IT Master will be based on-site in any available room awaiting IT problems or training requirements. On-site Training hours can be structured to fit your business operation, Our training surgery day is a 6 hour day but the start time can be flexible to suite your company working hours i.e. Surgery Day can start at 7.30am or stay open to 7.30pm if required. This unique service is the most efficient way for your company to train and increase productivity whilst keeping your training costs and lost time to an absolute minimum.

Online Live Training

All Of PCS Training Course can now be taught remotely from your office or even from home. Pringle PCS will give you Log in details which will allow you or your team to join the Live Training Session.

Training Requirments

With all live online training PCS will give a free 30 minutes setup and test to show how the remote learning will work. We test Internet speed, connection and show how easliy it is to join the live trainig.
Every delegate would need to have a working Camera and Micpohone to be able to interacte with the class. With Live Online Training Pringle PCS stronlgy recommed having Duel Screens or access to Tablet.

Company Classroom and 1-1

Live Online Training can be taught 1-1 or upto a classroom of 8 and all courses can be tailored to own company requirments


A Live Online Training schedule session is in total upto 6 hours of Training with added Breaks.


IT & Business Skills Scheduled Courses

All Scheduled courses are held at Pringle PCS Training & Conference Centre.

IT & Business Skills Scheduled Courses
Online Single Booking
Per Person
Online Additional / Subsequent Delegate Booking On The Same Day Scheduled Online Course
Per Person
Single Booking Scheduled Course at Skywalker House
Per Person
At Skywalker House Additional / Subsequent Delegate Booking On The Same Day Scheduled at Skywalker House
Online One To One
One To One: Client Site or Skywalker House

IT & Business Skills Company Classroom

This training is given exclusively for your company only, either here at PCS or at your own premises. (Evening and weekend dates are also available on request).

Company Classroom Standard & Premium
Individual Days: Online (Max 8 Delegates:)
Individual Days: PCS Or Client Site (Max 8 Delegates)
Individual Days: PCS Or Client Site (Max 12 Delegates)
Bespoke IT & Business Skills Course |Team Building | Surgery On-site at Client’s Premises
Computer Hire and Setup
Per PC
Bespoke Database Development On-site at Client’s Premises

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