Business Skills Training | Effective Communication & Productive Meetings
Title: Effective Communication & Productive Meetings
Course Code: SSG09 | Duration: 1 Day

Communicating effectively is essential to ensure messages are clear, understood, and have a positive impact. Sometimes we need to have the ability to persuade and influence others, regardless of status. Meetings are a key tool in the successful management of business activities. All too often time and effort is wasted by calling and attending meetings which are not well prepared, has no clear purpose and where attendees fail to participate in making decisions.

Who Should Attend Effective Communication & Productive Meetings Training?

This course is ideal for anyone working in a marketing department, customer services or project team, across all industries, and particularly anyone who needs to communicate persuasively at work.

Benefits From Attending The Training

Understand how communication can influence and persuade others positively
How to create rapport and use body language
How to use of all the senses in communication
Understand behavioural flexibility
How to plan and prepare meetings

Course Content

Types of Communication (Written / Oral)
Communication in the Workplace
Breakdown Barriers to Effective Communication
To develop techniques for handling effective outcomes from meetings
Benefits of Good Communication
To emphasise the key aspects of effective preparation
Meeting structures and behaviours
To practice running meetings
Problem solving in meetings
To develop techniques at dealing with difficulties and conflicts arising from meetings

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