IT Training | Microsoft Outlook | Introduction
Title: Inside Outlook
Course Code: ITS15 | Duration: 1 Day | Level: Introduction

This course assumes no prior knowledge of Outlook however self-taught and day to day users of the program would still benefit from this course. Most people already know how to send an email, and even though this will be one of the course’s starting points, it will quickly progress to advanced Emailing by using CC and Bcc, creating Distribution Lists and Groups and using Auto-replies and Voting Buttons.

The course is divided into 5 parts; an introduction to Views and Toolbars, Emails, Calendar, Tasks and Notes. Then the course will end with some workshop exercises using all the program features together, i.e. sending an Email with an Appointment or Task assigned. By the end of the course the user will have become much more confident and capable in using this powerful and versatile program.

Course Requirements

No previous experience of Microsoft Outlook is required however the delegate should have knowledge in basic computer skills i.e. how to use a mouse and keyboard.

Course Content

What Is Outlook? (Email / Electronic Personal Organiser / Menus / Navigation / Toolbars / Views)
Guidelines & Etiquette (SPAM / Uppercase)
Responding to Emails (Sorting / Reading / Reply / Reply to All / Forward)
Sending Emails (To / Cc / BCC / Subject / Body / Importance)
Message Management (Deleting / Folders)
Attachments (Saving / Inserting / Difference with Reply & Forward)
Printing (Simple / Without Address List)
Proofing Tools (Checking Spelling & Grammar / Thesaurus)
Deleted Items (Emptying / Restoring)
Working with Contacts (Creating / Editing / Deleting)
Working with Calendar Appointments (Creating / Editing / Deleting)
Working with Tasks (Creating / Editing / Deleting)
Basic Searching & Outlook Today (Viewing)

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