IT Training | Microsoft Excel | Advanced
Title: Excel Advanced
Course Code: ITS14 | Duration: 1 Day | Level: Advanced

The previous levels of Excel introduce several very useful functions and tools, as introduced in the previous level; one single function cannot always provide you with a solution. The advanced course focuses on how to combine the features, functions and tools of Excel together. This course is not just about integration, but several new functions will also be introduced such as Financial, Text & Date formulas. This will give the user confidence to master any formula. In addition this course also introduces Macros VBA.

Course Requirements

The delegate needs to have attended the previous level of the Excel course at Pringle PCS or at least, have the equivalent working knowledge.

Course Content

Refresher Workshop
Date Formulas (Day / Month / Year / WeekDay / WeekNum)
Combined Advanced Formulas (IF / AND / OR / V & H Lookup Combined)
Problem Solving Exercises (The Solver / Utilising / Complex Formulas)
Introduction to Macros VBA (Recording, Editing, Running Macros / Understanding VBA / Rem Statements)
Advanced Customising Of Excel (Toolbars / Menus)
Advanced Formatting (Templates / Consolidating Data / Track Changes / Auditing)
Forms / Dropdown Lists / Tick Boxes / Spinners
Date Formulas (Day / Month / Year / Weekday / WeekNum)
Combined Date Formulas: =IF(WeekDay(A1,2)<=5,"Work","Play")
Advanced Combined Text Formulas (Len / Left / Right / Mid / Find / Proper / Upper / Lower)
Problem Solving Workshops
Question and Answers

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