IT Training | Microsoft Excel | Intermediate
Title: Complex Formulas
Course Code: ITS13 | Duration: 1 Day | Level: Intermediate

This course introduces more complex features. By the end of this course delegates will be in a position to use some of Excel’s most beneficial functions such as If, Sumif, Countif, And, Or, Vlookup, and Hlookup and is an introduction to using combined formulas. In addition, PCS will also look at more advanced data analysis techniques with combined formulas such as Pivot tables.

Course Requirements

The delegate needs to have attended the previous level of the Excel course at Pringle PCS or at least, have the equivalent working knowledge.

Course Content

Refresher Workshop
Editing (Custom Fills / Conditional Formatting)
Advanced Linking Spreadsheets (Formula Linking)
Data (Pivot Tables / Custom Filtering / Subtotals / Validation / Lists / Protection)
Formulas (IF Statements / CountIF & SumIF / Vlookup / Hlookup)
Nested IFs: =IF(A1=1,"Yes",IF(A1=2,"No",IF(A1=3,"Good",IF(A1=4,"Bad","Naughty"))))
AND / OR Formulas
What IF Analysis (Goal Seek / Scenario Manager)
PMT (Repayment of a Loan)
Introduction to Combined Formulas
Text Formulas (Len / Left / Right / Mid / Find / Proper / Upper / Lower)
Introduction to Combined Text Formulas: =Proper(Left(D1,1)&" "&Right(D1,Len(D1)-Find(" ",D1,1)))
Problem Solving Workshops
Question and Answers

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