IT Training | Microsoft PowerPoint | Advanced
Title: PowerPoint Advanced
Course Code: ITS10 | Duration: 1 Day | Level: Advanced

The advanced PowerPoint course is a very important course for anyone needing to take their presentations to the next level. Adding Animation to incoming text is the most common effect to add, however text and shapes or images can appear or disappear or move direction as well. Sometimes the easiest way to emphasise a topic or message is sometimes by showing less. With this course PCS will show all the effects of how they can be used effectively starting with animated organisational charts to custom animated graphs with pictures.

The Question and Answer section of a presentation can sometimes be one of the hardest problems for anyone; with this course we will show how a simple slide “Any Questions” can have the capabilities of jumping to any slide in any direction which will make the presenter look prepared for any question and create an overall more professional impression. After attending this course the student will feel very capable of mastering PowerPoint enabling them to create more advanced slideshows with advanced content, using links into slides or applications as well as sound and video.

Course Requirements

The delegate needs to have attended the previous stage of the PowerPoint course at Pringle PCS or at least, have the equivalent working knowledge.

Course Content

Slide Layout (Choosing / Changing / Customising / Background Choice / Text Effects)
Working Text Boxes (Creating / Positioning / Size / Borders / Shadows / 3D)
Masters & Templates (Background / Text / Images / Logos / Creating /Changing)
Advanced Organisational Charts & Graphs (Creating / Animating / Linking Excel)
Images (Searching / Utilising / Static / Animated)
Movie Clips & Sound Clips (Inserting / Playback Timing / Soundtracks)
Linking (Web Pages / Office Files / Email)
Action Buttons (Creating / Editing / Removing)
Advanced Transitions & Animation (Applying / Controlling /Emphasis / Exit / Motion Paths)
Custom Shows & Workshop (Creating / Bending the rules / Buttons)

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