IT Training | Microsoft PowerPoint | Introduction
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Course Code: ITS09 | Duration: 1 Day | Level: Introduction

This stage assumes no prior knowledge of PowerPoint. The course would be ideal for beginners or for people who are self-taught and just wish to brush up on their existing PowerPoint skills. The course begins with an overview of the program and navigation of the screen, then quickly progresses to creating a simple presentation with each slide using a different layout. Once the user has created the Presentation they will then be taught how to add the different types of Animation effects to their text, images and even graphs, and how each slide can blend into one another by using Slide Transitions.

One of the best and useful parts of the course would be using Master Slides which allows the one slide image or text layout to be used throughout all slides; this can speed up the time spent on the creation and formatting of a detailed presentation. By the end of the course students will have the confidence to create professional looking slides to be used for their own or some else’s presentations.

Course Requirements

No previous experience of Microsoft PowerPoint is required however the delegate should have knowledge in basic computer skills i.e. how to use a mouse and keyboard.

Course Content

Views (Screen Layout / Menus / Buttons / Toolbars)
File Management (Creating / Saving / Opening / Closing)
Slide Layout (Choosing / Changing / Customising / Background Choice)
Working Text Boxes (Creating / Positioning / Size / Borders / Shadows / 3D)
Text Formatting (Font / Colour / Size / Effects)
Images & Clipart (Inserting / Removing / Searching / Inserting / Removing)
Organisation Charts & Graphs (Creating / Amending)
Drawing (Basic Tools / Principles)
Slide Sorter (Re-ordering / Duplication / Removing / Hiding)
Simple Transitions (Applying / Removing)
Simple Custom Animations (Applying / Removing)
Printing (Slides / Handouts / Notes Pages)

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