IT Training | Microsoft Project | Introduction
Title: Working with Microsoft Project
Course Code: ITP01-2 | Duration: 1 Day | Level: Introduction

The course starts with an overview of the whole program explaining why it can be used as a Project Management tool. If a project is going to be set up and used as a tool for planning and tracking, then the rules have to be set up correctly. This course will provide a plan using a Gantt chart by creating Calendars to show how tasks can be linked to each other. Once a Project has been created properly, the next step will be how to track and report its progress. A majority of the course will be focussed using the Gantt Chart View, however other views will be introduced i.e. Task Sheet, Network Chart, Resources Sheet Tracking Gantt.

Course Requirements

No previous experience of Microsoft Project is required however the delegate should have knowledge in basic computer skills i.e. how to use a mouse and keyboard.

Course Content

Program & Screen Layout (Terminology / Toolbars / Shortcuts / Navigation / Project Summary)
Project Wizards (Setup & Project Rules)
Views (Gantt Chart / Tracking Gantt / View Bar)
Formatting A Gantt Chart (Text Styles / Gridlines / Layout / Timescale)
Basic Project Planning (Plan & Track with Baseline)
Printing (Preview / Page Setup / Printing)
Basic Customising (Adding Notes / Labels / Critical Path)
Set Up Project (Project Information - Tools Options / Change Working Time)
Views in Project (Gantt Chart / Calendar / Network Chart / Tracking Gantt / Resource Sheet)
Creating Tasks (Task With & Without Constraints / Lag & Lead / Task Dependencies)
Network Diagram (Pros & Cons / Creating & Customising)
Basic Resources (Assigning More Than One Resource To A Task / Effort Driven)
Tracking A Project (Adding & Removing Baseline / Comparing Actual With Planned)
Inserting (Recurring Tasks & Projects)
Printing (Preview / Page Setup / Printing)
Filtering (Task Complete & Uncompleted / Resource Using)
PCS Tricks & Tips

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