IT Training | Adobe Illustrator | Advanced
Title: Illustrator Advanced
Course Code: ITG13 | Duration: 1 Day | Level: Advanced

Our advanced course will guide you through the advanced features of Illustrator. Learn from an experienced professional how to create high-quality illustrations, logos, graphs, diagrams, adverts, web sites and web or print layouts for your clients. Increase your productivity and incorporate best practice into your workflow.

Course Requirements

This course is intended for delegates with an intermediate knowledge of Adobe Illustrator, or have completed the previous stages.

Course Content

Importing/Exporting (Artworks / Paths)
Editing (Copying / Drag and Drop between Documents)
Path Patterns (Creating / Gallery Effects Frames)
Eyedropper (Align Pattern)
Filters (Ink Pen / Preset Hatch / Styles/ Saturate Filter / ZigZag Filter)
Effects (Perspectives / 3-D Objects)
Plug-Ins (Using / Install / Find)
Built In Separators
Illustrator and Colour

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