IT Training | Adobe Illustrator | Introduction
Title: Simple Design
Course Code: ITG12 | Duration: 1 Day | Level: Introduction

Our intro course will guide you through the basics of Illustrator. We will guide you through the tools and layout of Illustrator. After we guide you through the essentials of controlling the Illustrator environment, we will show you how to create simple logos, draw and trace objects, and export the results for the web and for print. This course is a great first step toward becoming a digital artist.

Course Requirements

This stage assumes no prior knowledge of Illustrator but basic IT skills are essential. The course would be ideal for beginners or for people who are self-taught and just wish to brush up on their existing skills.

Course Content

Overview (Course Outline / Features / Menus / Toolbars)
New Document ( Creating / Formatting /Page Sizes /Margins /Double Side / Facing Pages / Columns)
Importing (Files / Graphics)
Editing Images (Resizing / Cropping)
Styles & Image Control
Masks & Frames (Inserting / Options / Shadows & Borders)
Wrapping Text (Around Framed Image / Around Line Art)
Widow & Orphan Controls
Multiple Pages (Adding / Deleting)
Zoom Controls
Master Pages (Setting / Editing / Numbering)
Objects (Selecting / Duplicating/ Group & Ungrouping)
Saving & Printing

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