IT Training | Microsoft Access | Intermediate
Title: Queries & Reports
Course Code: ITD06 | Duration: 1 Day | Level: Intermediate

This course is aimed at users that have attended the previous stages or who are very experienced and understand Primary and Foreign Keys (1 to Many). This course is perfect for people needing to question, append, delete data and produce professional reports on an existing database.

Course Requirements

The delegate needs to have attended the previous stage of the Access course at Pringle PCS or at least, have the equivalent working knowledge. Delegates must understand primary & foreign Keys.

Course Content

Type (Select / Delete / Append / Make Table Query / Crosstab)
Total Command (Group / Average / Sum / Count / Max / Min)
Find Duplicates & Amending Existing Broken Queries
Multiple Table Queries (Converting Into A Flat File Mail Merge)
Reports (Multiple Tables & Queries Reports)
Summarise Reports (Group & Totals)

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