IT Training | Microsoft VBA: Access
Title: Programming in Access
Course Code: ITD03 | Duration: 1 Day | Level: Introduction

This course builds on the subjects discussed in the previous levels of Access. We will give you the required knowledge understand objects, use expressions, variables, and intrinsic functions and learn debugging codes and handing errors.

Course Requirements

The delegate needs to understand the advanced features within Access which will allow them to understand how to bend the rules in VBA.

Course Content

Visual Basic Environment Introduction
Visual Basic Controls (Events / Properties / Text / Methods / Forms / Focus)
Visual Basic Definitions (General / Event / Function / Sub Procedures And Modules)
Controlling Access Forms (Control Form Components / Forms Come To Life)
Using Variables (Text Handling / Property / Functions / Strings / Variants)
Conditions And Loops (IF Statement / Loops)
Error Handling (Message Boxes / Debugging)
Dialog Control Boxes Within Code (Print Menu / Format / File Open / File Save)
Differences Between VB And Macros
External Application Links (Linking To Word / Linking To Excel / Linking To Outlook)
Updating Data (Edit, Sort & Filter Records In Code / Ado And Doa Controls)

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